Chinese Salted Black Beans

Chinese Salted Black Beans

Chinese salted black beans are actually the most important food legume in China, Manchuria, Korea, Japan and Malaysia.

Notoriously high in TVC, Brusco has been overtly stringent in ensuring safe supply for our customers. Our beans are grown in Northern China where they are inspected prior to shipment and are traceable back to source, they are transported to a government accredited factory that is used exclusively for the production of Chinese Black salted beans. Here they are inspected again, screened for foreign matter and then cooked at 105C, cooled and trayed and then fermented at a constant temperature of 37C for 5 days. They are then washed, drained and salted and sun-dried. After this they are transferred to sorting rooms for further screening and sorting by hand before finally being vacuum packed and heat treated again to further reduce TVC’s. Finally before shipment CCIQ (Chinese Commodities Inspection and Quarantine Bureau) will take a final sample from production to check the quality and standards.

As a final precautionary check we at Brusco arrange for samples to be checked for GM by a UK laboratory. Results have consistently proved to be negative.

The factory in China holds accreditation to BRC Global Standard.

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