Coconut Products

Coconut Products

Coconut Cream

Brusco has an established supplier of premium coconut cream in Malaysia. Coconut cream is the pure and natural extract from the fresh coconut kernel. The extract is put through advanced UHT processing procedure and is transferred into higher barrier sterile bags. The advance of processing technology has preserved the freshness, natural flavour and quality of the coconut cream. The factory is fully HACCP certified.

Aromatic Coconut Cream is used as the main ingredient in making curry sauces. The product also has major applications in the manufacture of ice creams, yoghurts, desserts, toppings, bakery products, biscuits, cookies, confectionary, kaya (coconut spread) as well as beverage drinks like Pina Colada and Coconut Juice Drink.

Coconut cream may be stored under normal room temperature, but is best kept cool. Shelf life without refrigeration is 16 months.

The product is aseptically packed in 20 kg sterilised bag and contained in a double wall corrugated carton box. Batch coding and expiry date will be printed on each carton.

 We can supply the following:

Aseptic Coconut Cream     24%  Fat

                                 20%  Fat

                                 17%  Fat

Coconut Products

Brusco can also supply various other products as follows:- 

Coconut Cream Flake

Dessicated Coconut            Fine / Medium

Coconut Flour                    Fine / Coarse

Raw Chips

Toasted Chips             

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