We are able to supply the following shapes in Italian dried pasta, either from stock or to special order:


Spaghetti (long/short cut) Linguine
Risone Conchigliette Rigate
Wholewheat Small Shells Ditaloni
Pipette Diavolini Lisce
Cellatini Maccherone
Gomiti Tortiglione
Pennine Lisce  Penne Rigate (also Half Penne)
Creste Fusilli
Ondine Farfalle
Capelli d’angelo Truccioli
Pipette Orecchiette
Fusilli Tricolori Lasagne

Many of these shapes are available in Cook Resistant format from stock, however, virtually any shape can be made Cook Resistant provided the volumes are acceptable. Please contact us to discuss this. For prices and pack sizes please contact us.

NB: Please note these shapes are current stocked lines. The list changes frequently according to our customers needs please contact us to confirm your requirements.


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